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Chequers Jewels is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience, located in Petworth. The antique jewellery we sell can be viewed at their premises on Lombard Street, and if you’re interested, please call us today or pop into the shop for more information! Our team members will work hard to find out what’s right for your needs; we’ve got Tunbridge Wells covered, too, so don’t forget about us when deciding where the best place for Jewellers in Tunbridge Wells is.

With an affordable price and top-of-the-line stones, you can’t go wrong with our goods! We use only the finest materials to ensure your purchase lasts for years. You’ll also be getting a world-class product that will make you enjoy it more than ever before.

Please stop by our store today to find the perfect item for your style. If you’re looking more towards trends instead of classics, we have exactly what you need! Additionally, quality items are prioritised along with excellent customer service that will not disappoint anyone.

Jewellers In Tunbridge Wells, Jewellery We Offer

If you’re in the market for a new engagement ring, see us at Chequers Jewels. We have plenty of beautiful pieces that will suit any taste and budget! Our staff is knowledgeable; they’ll help guide your decision with expert advice from our team’s decades worth of experience here in town; not only do we offer Engagement Rings and earrings, but we also have Gold Bracelets too so don’t forget about them when looking around because there’s something perfect waiting just over every corner.

Do you want to buy the perfect gift for someone, something like a diamond ring? We have many beautiful pieces that will please any and everyone. Our prices vary depending on the product, but with an average price being £600-11k, this way, there’s something for all to enjoy. We guarantee your satisfaction as all of our products come straight off an artist’s hands, no copies here, so every piece has been hand made by master craftsmen who took great care when creating them, including some of our diamond earrings.

Topaz is a beautiful, precious stone that can be found in many colours. It’s been around for ages! At Chequers Jewels, along with Coloured Gem Stones, we have something special just waiting to become yours; topazes set against diamonds or sapphires on gold bands are exquisite designs sure not seen anywhere else. 

Some people are more particular about their jewellery than others. If you’re one of these individuals, then it’s time to invest in some beautiful coloured sapphires! The variety is wide, from light pinks and yellows down to blues or purples, so there will always be something for everyone out there who likes crafting their jewels personally.

A red gemstone is a beautiful and unique gift to give, perhaps in memory of someone special. Rubies are not only famous because they’re so pretty; their colour tones make them even more precious than diamonds or other types of coloured stones such as sapphires!

Did you know opals are also a perfect gemstone to add sophistication and luxury? They come in all different colours, but some of our favourites include white or blue colourways. Likewise, pink has become much more popular due to its abundance of minerals like red-orange.

Emeralds come in so many different colours! From light greens to dark shades, we have something for everyone here. If you’re looking specifically at a single tone colour, though, look no further because our selection is unparalleled. There are a couple of major types of green stones, one being tanzanite which has an earthy overtone and yellowish undertones; the second type would be emeralds, with their reputation as being among some of nature’s most valuable gems due mainly to its rarity.

Aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone that many people mistake for turquoise when they’re wet. However, they also can be trendy.

Watches are the perfect gift for anyone, whether they’re into jewellery or not. They come in so many different brands and styles that it is hard to go wrong with watches!

For many, a watch is more than just the timepiece that tells us what hour it currently is. If you buy someone a watch as an anniversary present or Father’s Day incentive, they’re likely going to cherish and keep this treasured object forever! They can become sentimental too, witness Rolex’s popularity today among luxury shoppers who love them not only for their highly crafted designs but also mainly due to how high end these brands are. A wide variety of companies offer watches at different price points; some with quartz movements while others use jewelled motors, which make them easier on batteries when used constantly throughout day-long life cycles, providing accuracy down to seconds per month without needing any battery changes required.

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift. That’s why we work hard at getting you everything on your list, from watches and jewellery made by hand or in limited runs; no matter the season, no matter what style is trending right now, your recipient deserves only top-of-the-line items in which we always have in store!

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