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Chequers Jewels is a family-owned business located in Petworth, where they have been for over 30 years. Our antique jewellery can be viewed at our premises on Lombard Street. Give us a call today or pop in and visit us if you’re interested in Jewellers in Horsham; our team members will work hard with you to ensure you find the perfect piece.

Our goods are sure to last for years as we use the finest of stones. Likewise, our prices can not be beaten. Along with the affordability, you will receive world-class materials, enjoying your purchase forever!

Our store has anything and everything to fit your style and needs. If you’re looking for something more trendy rather than the classics, we will not disappoint. Additionally, we prioritise quality and the best customer service!

Jewellers In Horsham, Jewellery We Offer

Horsham is a lovely place, with much to visit in and around the town. If you’re looking to buy the perfect Engagement Ring, our store has plenty in store for you today. Don’t worry about feeling overwhelmed when coming into our store due to all the jewels we offer; we have expert Jewellers in Horsham who have loads of experience; they’re here to help you find the perfect matches, whether it’s some earrings or Gold Bracelets, we have it all!

Are you looking to buy the perfect gift for someone, maybe some earrings? We have many beautiful pieces to please anyone and everyone, including diamond rings. Prices ranging from £600-11k; you will not regret buying one of our pieces; they last forever due to them being created by master artists.

Topaz is a Coloured Gem Stone we offer, a type of luxury. Coloured Gem Stones have been around for many, many years. Here at Chequers Jewels, we can find something special for you.

Coloured sapphires take on different shades and hues, from light pinks to yellows; they are perfect for those who like to craft their jewels personally.

Another type of coloured gemstone which is popular is rubies. They are so beautiful, and their colour tones make them so special and unique.

Did you know opals are also a perfect gemstone to add to jewellery for that special touch? They come in all different colours and sizes, some of the more popular ones include white or blue colourways. Likewise, pink also has become a lot more popular due to its abundance of minerals.

When you think of emeralds, you initially think of green. However, they come in many shades, light to dark, even reds and yellows. We have it all here, so if you’re looking for more of a single tone colouring, then we have it!

Finally, aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone in the colours of blues and greens. Many people can mistake them for turquoise because of how similar they can look when they’re wet. 

If you’re unsure about a gift for someone and dont think they would be interested in jewellery, why not look into Watches? They come in so many different brands, styles, shapes and sizes, perfect for literally anyone!

For many, a watch is more than something that tells the time; if you buy someone a watch as a gift, they are likely to treasure it and keep it for a very long time. They can become sentimental. Likewise, they have become more popular than ever, as they are also fashion statements. For example, Rolex is a massive brand we sell, and they are widely popular due to how high end they are.

Everyone has their style; whether you like to dress up or prefer more of an old fashion/vintage look, we have Watches suited for all types! We are here to help you find something best suited to the recipient; we ensure to go the extra mile for our customers!

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