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Chequers Jewels is a family-owned business that has been operating in Petworth for over 30 years. Our antique jewellery stock can be viewed at our premises on Lombard Street, where you’ll find all sorts of gorgeous bracelets and necklaces sure to make any day brighter! Give us a call if you’re interested, and one of the team members will work hard until they find precisely what’s right for you.

Our durable products are sure to last for years! We use only the finest stones on Earth, and our prices can’t be beaten. With so many great qualities in one package like affordability alongside world-class materials, you’ll enjoy your purchase time after time without ever feeling like it’s old news because they’re made with quality craftsmanship that will withstand any.

The Alton store has everything to fit your taste if you’re looking for new or pre-owned jewellery. Whether it’s trendy pieces that will make a statement or classic designs guaranteed not to disappoint, we’ve got what you need! With quality as our priority and customer service top-notch at all times, one-stop shopping is done right.

Jewellers In Alton, Jewellery We Offer

Alton has a rich history and stunning architecture to offer, but it’s also the perfect spot for nature lovers. If you’re looking at getting engaged or buying an Engagement Ring, our team will make any woman happy with their selection that’ll leave her speechless. The first thing you’ll notice when walking into a jewellery store is all of the different pieces. You might be overwhelmed and not know where to start! Luckily for us, experts are there with their pearls of wisdom on what would look good paired up nicely, no matter if it’s some earrings or Gold Bracelets.

Want to get someone the perfect present? These beautiful pieces are sure to please any recipient. Choose from an assortment of earrings or rings at prices ranging from £600-11K, with help available if needed describing what type would be best suited for them based on taste preferences and flair in style choices! You’ll never regret giving one these gifts as they last forever by precision cuts made by master artisans using old world techniques passed down through generations.

Topazes are a treasure trove of luxurious gems, and they’re not just found in modern jewellery. These beautiful Coloured Gem Stones have been around since the beginning of time! And if you want to know how? Well, look no further than us; we’ll help hook you up with something special guaranteed.

Topaz was once a much sought after stone because it could predict the weather centuries ago. It’s still sold today and called an “oracle” for those who want a little piece of magic in their lives! We recommend getting earrings made out of Topaz as they’re more durable than most other stones, so you’ll have this beautiful reminder from nature around long past our lifetimes.

Coloured sapphires are a different hue of the rainbow that takes on various shades, from light pinks to yellow. They’re perfect for those who prefer crafting their rings or necklaces and offer endless opportunities in designing your jewellery!

One of the most attractive qualities for some people is beautiful red rubies. These stones can take on various colours, even pink and orange hues!

Opals are a perfect gemstone for adding some flair to your jewellery. They come in all sorts of different colours and can be found at every point on the spectrum! Some popular types include white or blue colourways like lapis lazuli. At the same time, pink has also become more abundant lately due to this mineral’s rising popularity among craftspeople who want something special with their workmanship.

Emeralds are not just one gem in many shades, but they come with everything from light to dark or even red and yellow hues. So if you’re looking for a single stone, then this is your lucky day because there will be something to suit anyone!

Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone that can be blue or green. They’re usually found deep in the ground with other minerals, but sometimes they’re on their own too! Sometimes people even mistake them for turquoise because of how similar these stones look when wet-Aquamarines often show an interesting pattern like no other stone does, one example being its ability to change colour depending on whether it’s polished before touching the water (which will make them more vibrant) or if you put your finger directly into it without cleaning first; this article shows all different ways aqua has bleached over time.

Do you know what to get someone for their birthday or an upcoming holiday? There are so many different things out there! Watches are a great idea because they come in all shapes and sizes.

A watch is more than just something that tells time. It’s an essential part of many people’s lives who can be worn anywhere, at any moment, even when you’re out running errands! The best watches also serve as grand fashion statements; they come with elegant designs and high-quality materials like gold or silver to match your style needs, in addition to having batteries that last so long, on average around ten years. Watch collecting has become one prominent status symbol nowadays because Rolex makes sure each new model captures what type of person would wear one.

Style is all about balance, and there are pieces in every wardrobe to help you find it. If dressing up isn’t your thing, but adding some vintage flair can do wonders for spicing things up at home or work, don’t hesitate! Most clothes have several different looks depending on how formal they’re meant to be worn, so take this opportunity while shopping to find something perfect that will suit any occasion perfectly.

We’re always happy to go the extra mile for our customers. If you need anything, don’t hesitate and ask away!

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